Air pollution measuring kits sell out in triumph for citizen science

Friends of the Earth's new Clean Air Kits sell out in hours as hundreds take part in our national air pollution investigation.

When Friends of the Earth recently released a limited number of its new Clean Air Kits, they were were snapped up in less than 2 hours.

Hundreds of you have jumped at the chance to take part in our national air pollution investigation. Thank you.

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The kits will help people all over the country research air pollution where they live.

And once the results start coming in, we will put them on a UK-wide air pollution map, developed with experts at King’s College, London.

People have already started tweeting about it to share their excitement - see Tweet from Bristol's Ciaran Mundy, below.

CAK tweet middle panel.png
Ciaran Mundy, from Bristol, opens his Clean Air Kit

I’m blown away by the response, and at seeing how fired-up people are to discover what the air quality is like on their doorstep.

This experiment has the potential to expose the state of our polluted air and spark off thousands of individual stories of people taking action against pollution.

                                                                                                Ollie, air pollution campaigner

We’ll have more Clean Air Kits to order soon.

If you’d like to join in the experiment and find out when they’re available, please sign-up below. 

If you've signed up and haven't had a chance to order a kit yet, don't worry - we'll be in touch soon.

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